Fractional Ownership

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We are looking for accredited investors to share in fractional ownership opportunities. We are developing unique shipping container properties for year round vacation use, within 2 hours of Toronto. If you are interested in upcoming builds starting in spring of 2019, please fill out the contact form.

3 Types of Fractional Ownership

  1. Investment / Flip. Shareholders are investing to develop, build and sell for profit. An example would be a $250K build (cost) with a projected resale profit of $70K to $100K. With 10 investors at $25K the expected return of $7K to $10K within the year is over 25%.
  2. Income property. The property is built for use as a rental property. All revenue is split between the shareholders. Any increase in property value can be redeemed if a shareholder wishes to sell their percentage.
  3. Vacation Property / Own Use. The property is built for use by the shareholders. Weeks of use are divided between shareholders. The property is yours to use, lend, or rent during your time. Unused weeks can be given to Airbnb or other rental services to generate income to defray maintenance costs.

Fractional ownership (for use or for rental) allows access and equity in a vacation property without the entire burden of carrying costs like maintenance and upkeep. Your investment is safe and can grow in value over time.

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