Dwell Containers offers comprehensive consulting services to help you bring your ideas and dreams into reality. We are your local source for design consultation, planning, budgeting, engineering and drawings. From developing and costing your design, to creating stamped and engineered drawings for permit approval in your municipality, our consulting service can handle all your needs. We can offer  build services in the Toronto vicinity and arrange and coordinate suppliers, and builders for our clients outside that area. 

We offer unmatched technical, planning and construction support utilizing live video conferencing technology to virtually meet with our customers no matter where they live.


Dwell Containers

Consultation Services 

  • Initial consultation meeting
  • Project budgeting and forecasting
  • Live design and planning consultation
  • Site evaluation and foundation recommendation
  • Consultation with local building office
  • CAD floor plans and elevations (including site plan)
  • Material build lists with pricing
  • Construction (trades) cost guidelines
  • Metal fabrication guidelines and drawings
  • Coordination with local building office
  • Consulting with local trades
  • Engineering design consultation
  • Engineered and stamped drawings (to your municipalities’ requirements) for permits – available at cost
  • Live site visits available (travel fees applicable)
  • Post construction Landscaping consultation